Hokmah: Definition
Hokmah: Definition
HOKMAH for the college journey and beyond... Hokmah: Wisdom of Yahweh; Experience; Shrewdness.
HOKMAH for the college journey and beyond...                          Hokmah: Wisdom of Yahweh; Experience; Shrewdness.
"First of all, let me just express to you how excited I am to be able to share with you this incredible opportunity that we have for you to be able to have an incredible impact on your loved ones, your community, and your world.  

Let me first give you the background story about how this whole project got started...

Our Vision!

Our vision is to impact our future generations of leaders by equiping and training college men and women through wisdom passed on from college students and graduates who know what it is like to be in their shoes.


So often, much of the advice given to college men and women comes from parents who are so far removed from the college atmosphere, that they don't even know how to begin to relate and pass on wisdom to the next generation. While we don't want to discourage parents from giving their advice, we would encourage the parents to leverage the wisdom of our contributors who have been there, and are passionate about pouring wisdom onto the new generation of college men and women.


Our hope through this collaborative effort is to reach hundreds of thousands of college men and woman through, an easy to ready, easy to gift, "manual" on how to enter the college world and not only survive, but thrive.  


While essentially anyone and everyone could pick up our book and benefit from reading it, we will be taking a Biblical approach on equipping men and woman to bring glory to Christ in college and in the many years to follow.

For more information, use our contact form or download our registration form directly. We look forward to hearing from you!


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