Hokmah: Definition
Hokmah: Definition
HOKMAH for the college journey and beyond... Hokmah: Wisdom of Yahweh; Experience; Shrewdness.
HOKMAH for the college journey and beyond...                          Hokmah: Wisdom of Yahweh; Experience; Shrewdness.

Armando Ocando - Our Founder

When Armando Ocando was a junior in college, his sister Amanda was then preparing herself to go to college as well.  He wanted a way to encourage her, but knew that he wasn't close to understanding what it was like to be a girl going into the college environment.  However, as a resident advisor in the freshman dorms at Miami University, he was reminded again about how important it was to have positive role models who could share their experiences with the incoming freshman.  While Armando wanted to share advice with his sister himself, he envisioned an outpouring of wisdom from a number of different girls whom he respected very much who would be interested in passing on some of the wisdom that they learned first hand throughout their college years.  


While this project started with a scrapbook that Armando made for his sister and it has since turned into an exciting book project that will share wisdom not only with his sister and young ladies in his family, but as an organization, we have the ambition to reach across the country and across the world to impact women for the glory of Christ.

Allie Griebel - Public Relations Coordinator

Allie Griebel is one of our initial organizers for this project.  Allie is a graduate of Miami University and was very active with Greek Impact - A Fraternity and Sorority Group who developed Chistian Disciples within the Greek Community at Miami University.  Allie is passionate about photography, writing, and public relations. Her work within our organization has allowed us to grow to a whole new level.

Margret-Ann Ferrell - Chief Editor

Margret- Ann is also a graduate of Miami University and also served in leadership through Greek Impact.  Refferred to by her friends as, "M-A," she is passionate about her faith and loves to write and encourage other writers through the editing process.  Without M-A, we could never reach the high level of quality and creativity within our books. 

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